One of thirty


This blog is just over a year old, but after I made a handful of posts I got squeamish about privacy. Plus I am all busy and important and stuff.

But I miss writing. I used to identify as a writer and now I identify as a mommy with no hobbies except eating Oreos. Therefore I am going to give NaBloPoMo a try. That means I plan to update every day in November. Even Thanksgiving! Especially Thanksgiving!

For my first day, instead of writing a real post, I updated my “About” page. It’s amazing how much your life can change in 13 months — from employed mother of one, to stay-at-home mom of two.



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2 responses to “One of thirty

  1. Jennette Fulda

    One down, twenty-nine to go! Looking forward to it!

  2. (6)



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