A 6,000-word post

I got majorly sidetracked today by graduate school stuff and my brain is fried and my spirits low. But here are some pictures to obey the letter of the law, if not the spirit.

I love his game face here. Too bad he’s not playing; he has run off the field looking for a snack.

I know he is about three seconds away from crawling aka ruining my life.


He looks so small here, peering into the cavernous depths of a hollow pumpkin.

They are leaning in for a tender kiss. It is like something out of “The Notebook.”

Steve and I send pictures to each other throughout the day. Usually they are of potty achievements. (Not his pictures. Usually.)

Kit Kat starts with “K,” yet its broken pieces can be used to make an “S.” MADNESS!

OK, that took as long as typing a normal entry would’ve. Lesson learned.


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One response to “A 6,000-word post

  1. Angie

    I would have forgotten my daily post if I hadn’t seen yours, so thanks! Love the photo post! And it’s heart-warming to see your face along with those of your cuties.

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