Welcome to the manor

Steve and I like to pile the kids in the car and take a drive in the evenings every once in a while. Sometimes we stop for coffee or ice cream, but usually we just chat, listen to music, and enjoy each other. We started doing a this a couple of years ago because truly the only way to get some relief from Sebastian’s ornery ways sometimes was to strap him in a car seat. He’s calmed down since then, but he still loves being in the car, and so do we.

Tonight we drove around in Garland, trying to find a lot we thought about buying a couple of years ago when we were in the market. It was a big lot, wooded, close to a really nice neighborhood, and insanely cheap. Our real-estate dreams were large back then, and we were thinking about building a house instead of buying. We ultimately decided against buying this particular lot, because while it was close to some beautiful, expensive houses, it was equally close to an unkempt strip of busy fast-food restaurants and businesses and we didn’t want Sebastian to be able to just walk to the liquor store. No, he needs to get a ride like the rest of us had to.

We couldn’t track down the lot tonight — maybe someone has already built on it and we just didn’t recognize it — so we headed home. We’re happy in our house, happy in Richardson, but it was fun to imagine for a while what life might have been like had we hand-designed a magnificent Burgess-Good manor on the wooded lot in Garland.



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2 responses to “Welcome to the manor

  1. bonnie good

    Love reading your posts . . keep them up!

  2. My son is only quiet in the car too. Well, in the car and while watching TV. I like this idea of driving around randomly except that I hate doing that in the city.

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