Poor, destitute Q-bert.

A quick post for Saturday night — “Wreck-It Ralph” was so great. Sebastian and I saw it together this morning (Steve wasn’t feeling well so he stayed home with the baby) and it was SO MUCH FUN to hang out with my awesome kid for three hours, just the two of us.

He got a kids’ pack (tiny popcorn, fruit snacks, soda [he wanted caffeine-free Diet Coke, what a weirdo]) and I got a big bottle of water. He had brought a big fleece blanket with him and we sat in the back row snuggled under it. When the movie got scary he crawled in my lap and I held him like a baby.

Conclusion: I recommend spending a snuggly Saturday morning with your kid in a movie theater.



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2 responses to “Cozy

  1. Jennette Fulda

    I saw this yesterday and it was fantastic. I really could have used a blanket though. They should sell those next to the popcorn.

  2. Lori

    Ava and I plan to see it soon. She’s a big scaredy cat though. You’ll have to give me the review of all the scary parts. We need to hang out. Soon.

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