I am not a hipster

Trader Joe’s came to town about two months ago, and I am SO HAPPY AND RELIEVED. I had shopped there a few times, on vacations to New Mexico and Wisconsin, but now there is one 15 minutes away and it has already become the place I buy the bulk of our groceries.

Some people have accused us Trader Joe’s fans of being hipsters, but really I am just a disheveled, disorganized wife and mom who doesn’t want to feed her family barrels of high-fructose corn syrup, genetically modified foods, trans fats, and pesticides — and I can’t afford to do all our shopping at Whole Foods.

The fact is, neither Steve nor I is much of a cook even when we have time to futz around with it, which is never. And Sebastian, being a 4-year-old, needs snacks. If I’m going to give him packaged food (WHICH I AM), I’d much rather feed him the TJ’s approximations of his preservative-filled favorites.

Here are a few of our (quickly becoming) favorite purchases:

This tastes just like the tikka masala at our favorite Indian restaurant.

These cost like, $2. Baz is a huge fan.

This salad dressing is AMAZING. It has tiny pieces of gorgonzola cheese in it. OMG.

No packets with dehydrated marshmallows at TJ”s. (Or maybe there are; I’m not familiar with all the products.)

What Oreos would taste like, if they were made of powdered rainbows.

One of the food groups in Sebastian’s personalized food pyramid.

Packaged organic fresh vegetables like this are the bee’s knees. We just roast them with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and everyone will eat.

Like Ritz, but with less chemical crunch.

More to come later. I seriously want to give this place a big hug.



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3 responses to “I am not a hipster

  1. Angie

    Our TJ’s is 15 minutes away as well. I go there every week! Would it be lame if I did a copycat post? This is like a Trader Joe’s Pinterest board!

  2. Trader Jooooeeeee’s! My most pathetic hobby is trying to figure out which exact products are being rebranded and marked down at the Teej. The ones here sell a frozen spinach pizza that I have determined is normally made by Amy’s — the Amy’s one costs like $2 more than the TJ’s one, if you are a CHUMP and shop at some other grocery store for your organic tofu frozen pizzas.

    Also, I love their Cuban style black beans, and will frequently make a dinner that is those beans + TJ’s fire-roasted tomatoes with green chilis + cooked quinoa or rice + a fried egg + salsa + chopped fresh cilantro (if I happen to have some). It takes like 15 minutes — the duration of cooking a cup of rice or quinoa. And it is reasonably healthy and SO YUMMY.

  3. Jen

    Stephen eats those frozen Indian food entrees every week. And I’m obsessed with the veggies in a bag. Bag of kale might be my favorite. Also, the bags of roasted, unsalted nuts and omg, the dried fruit. I’ve had to back off because I like it a little bit too much. Trader Joe’s ftw forever.

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