If wishes were horses

My Amazon wishlist has 635 items on it. And it’s private, so as much as you might want to, you can’t buy me many expensive presents from it.

Any time I think of something I kind of want or hear about an interesting product, I put it on my wishlist. Will I ever buy it? The probability of that is .05 percent. But I still get some kind of dopamine burst just from thinking about buying stuff. It’s the same little thrill I get from reading the grocery store circulars in Wednesday’s paper. What, you don’t find that thrilling? Nothing fires up my blood like farm-raised salmon for $7 a pound!!!

And I’m not talking about great works of literature or the latest hot products. My wishlist is full of things like dish towels and ponytail holders. Stuff I could buy at CVS, but CVS is pretty far away.

I checked to see what the oldest thing I have on my list is, and it’s an item of great quality, something that has universal appeal and probably appears on most people’s wishlists:

Click to embiggen.

Look at that date. I’ve been contemplating purchasing this product for almost exactly seven years.

Oh, Amazon wishlist. We have been together for a long time. I will never leave you.

[Don’t tell Amazon wishlist, but I’ve been seeing quite a bit of Pinterest.]


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