It’ll last longer

This is very first photo I ever took with a phone. 2-month-old Sebastian in late 2008.

This is one of the last photos in my phone right now. Henry, taken this afternoon.

I feel like Henry’s babyhood is overwriting the files in my head of Sebastian’s. Henry just cut a tooth — did Sebastian cut teeth? I suppose he did, considering he has several now. We have taken him to the dentist, even.

It’s all so fuzzy, that time when Sebastian was tiny. There are a few moments that stick in my mind, but most of my memories are only those that can be shaken loose from my mind’s crevasses by the photos in my iPhone.

(Speaking of iPhones, I have a plain ol’ 16G iPhone 4, and it contains every single photo and video I’ve taken since we first got the iPhone 3 in 2008. Lately the phone has been crotchety and complainy, telling me I can’t take a new photo unless I delete some stuff first, I can’t download that app, DON’T USE THE FLASH WOMAN CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BURNING UP FROM THE INSIDE? Maybe it’s time to put some stuff on an external hard drive? Or just upgrade to a 32G phone? To be honest and serious, it has been a great comfort to me while I’m working to have access to all four years of Sebastian’s life in my pocket.)

Henry is eating solid food these days. I remember feeding Sebastian in the very same high chair (no wonder it’s so damn grungy), jars of organic “soups” and meat/veggie mixtures. With Sebastian it was a focused effort, food-to-spoon-to-mouth, then scraaaaaping up the excess from his chin and doing it all again. With Henry, there is so much going on that we just kind of throw some soft foods on his tray and eyeball him in between dealing with Sebastian to make sure he is doing OK. Tonight he had toast made from sprouted Ezekiel bread and he LOVED it, screaming and vibrating with excitement as he gnawed fistfuls of it. Sebastian, of course, saw this as a competition and started yelling that P-I-Z-Z-A SPELLS PIZZA, HEY, ARE YOU LISTENING, P-I-Z-Z-A FOR CRAP’S SAKE, IT SPELLS PIZZA!!!!!!

[Long, shuddering sigh.]

After dinner, both kiddos got a bath, and Sebastian told me he needed some privacy (a word he only knows because I am constantly asking for it, AND NOT RECEIVING IT, when I try to use the restroom). It was cute, but also kind of jarring. Kid, you came out of my abdomen. You get no privacy from me.

Then I shook my head and stepped away from the bathtub. And took a quick picture of Henry wrapped up in a towel while my phone burned from the inside.


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