Gone fishin’ to San Antonio

I didn’t mean to take three days off from blogging (or was it four?), but my family and I were out of town and it turned out our Internet was really spotty. I didn’t want to post the reason I wasn’t around and end up on Please Rob Me, nor did I want to post from my phone because ain’t nobody got time for that.

This is the reason we were out of town: The JEA/NSPA National High School Journalism Convention. This is the first time since I’ve been teaching that it has been in Texas, so even though I don’t have students this year I still wanted to go.

When the San Antonio location was first announced a couple of years ago, I planned to go without my family and take a group of students.

Then Henry came along and I took the year off from teaching, so I was going to bring Steve and Henry and we would stay in the convention hotel. I would divide my time between conventioning and mommying.

THEN it turned out no one could keep Sebastian while we were gone. So it turned into a family trip.

That meant I couldn’t concentrate on the convention as much as I would like, and it also meant staying in the convention hotel didn’t seem like a great idea. But we still wanted to go, and I really wanted to present a session. What’s my area of expertise? I wondered. There are many better advisers than I. Better photographers. Better editors.What is something that I can bring a unique perspective to?

Oh yeah:

I wrote an incredibly boring description in the hopes no one would come. It didn’t work.

So I pitched the session, and we got onto Air B&B and rented a 1940s bungalow in a cool neighborhood close to downtown. It was adorable, but unfortunately, it was a chilly weekend and those old houses are drafty as heck. We spent a lot of the weekend bundled up in blankets with the space heater going.

When we first got here, I wanted to sell our house and buy one just like this. By today, I was grateful for our ’70s-era insulation and inferior, yet non-creaky slab construction.

So cute. So drafty.

The convention was big and intimidating, even for an oldster like me. I wish I could have brought my students. It would have blown their little never-been-out-of-Mesquite minds. My session went fine — more than 300 people showed up, which was kind of terrifying, but whatever, it’s all over now but the nightmares.

More tomorrow about the “family” part of the trip.


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November 18, 2012 · 6:51 pm

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