Z-O-O, that spells zoo!

First, let me say, for a couple of five-hour-drives with a 4-year-old and 6-month-old, it was truly (in the words of Barack Obama) NOT BAD. Sebastian was engrossed in the iPad and shouted angrily any time I tried to switch the CD from R.E.M., and Henry alternated between dozing and yelling to himself like a tiny old man. I drove almost the whole way and Steve and I chatted or he played Angry Birds and I daydreamed. We took the Autobahn new 85-mph toll road between Austin and San Antonio and we give it two thumbs up except for its lack of gas stations aka places to pee and/or buy snacks.

So Thursday we drove, Friday I was at the convention, and Sunday we drove again. That left Saturday for doing something fun as a family. With the beautiful weather, the obvious choice was the San Antonio Zoo. The neighborhood we were staying in was just a couple of blocks away, so it was easy to get to.

We’ve taken Sebastian to the zoo before, but this is the first time he’s seemed really cognizant of where we were and why. He asked to see the elephants, he climbed on statues, he fed birds. Steve and I were slightly stressed and grumpy, but that didn’t matter to Sebastian because he was KICKIN’ IT AT THE ZOO. (Henry slept almost the whole time, thanks God.)

I love being in the car seat! Except when I don’t. My captors will pay.

How you doin’ there, bird? Feel like hoppin’ on my shoulder?

I’m riding a lion! Just like Ayla from “Valley of the Horses”!

LOL forever.

From the opening sequence to Sebastian’s ’90s sitcom.



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3 responses to “Z-O-O, that spells zoo!

  1. (6)

    No, an obvious choice for a family outing would’ve been THE BONHAM EXCHANGE.

    Wait, wrong family.

  2. “I’m riding a lion like Ayla from Valley of Horses,” made me LOL. Literally.

  3. Hilarious, and it looks like the kids had a great time. I died at “my captors will pay.”

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