Snuggles and hugs, I hate you

The only reason I am able to semi-cheerfully do this stay-at-home mom thing is because Sebastian goes to school for three hours a day, and Henry also naps for two or three hours while he’s gone. I am usually holding onto sanity by the merest whisper of a thread by the time the bus shows up. I toss Sebastian up the stairs of the bus, throw Henry in the general direction of the swing, then collapse into a chair and stare blankly into space for an hour or so before I am able to get anything else done.

Today there was NO school, and because of the inescapable, monologuing, high-pitched voice running at top volume in the house, there was NO NAPPING either. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty terrible. Sebastian is what we might politely term “high needs,” and while Henry is a pretty average baby, there’s no 6-month-old on Earth who can go 10 hours without sleep and remain a jovial little fellow.

There’s also the fact that I, oh, can barely tolerate human touch, and Sebastian needs hugs and loves and laps and snuggles pretty much constantly. Henry needs to eat, he needs to be held, he needs to be changed…SO NEEDY, EVERYONE IS SO NEEDY. By the end of a break-free day with the two of them, I’m emotionally and mentally tapped, like a small keg at a big party.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; I am thankful that lots of grabby family hands will be eager to hold my beautiful kids.

Today’s scenic view.



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