My favorite reality-show contestant of all time. When Angelo Sosa was eliminated from Top Chef I was lightheaded with rage. It was more horrible than Season 2 of Friday Night Lights.

We had an adventure today! I plan to write a big, bursting-with-pictures post about it… tomorrow.

Steve and I are catching up with the new season of Top Chef, one of our favorite shows. I never used to watch TV — for a time, I was one of those jerks who literally didn’t have a TV — until I met Steve. Now our sofa has a Jessica’s-butt-shaped indentation and I am OK with that.

Here are our current (or coming-back-soon) can’t-misses: Survivor, Top Chef, The Amazing Race, Breaking Bad, Madmen. Except with Breaking Bad we’re a season and half behind because IT’S TOO INTENSE I CAN’T TAKE IT ACCK.

Since having kids, TV is more of a zone-out than real entertainment, though. I remember watching The Office in Season 2, 3, and 4 on the very edge of the sofa, quickly logging onto Television Without Pity the second it ended to see if anyone else thought Pam and Jim were gonna get it together pretty soon now. And we watched Lost and The Wire with wide-eyed eagerness. Now I get mad if our shows get too confusing. I just don’t have the headspace to spare. BE STRAIGHTFORWARD, SHOWS. I HAVE TWO KIDS.


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