At the park

We try to get out of the house every weekend day to run Sebastian like a dog  you know, create memories and stuff.

I like living in Dallas; our weekend options are many. There are museums and parks and restaurants aplenty. But what to do last weekend, what, what?

Well, it turns out the gigantor Woodall Rogers deck park has just opened up near downtown. To be honest, this park wasn’t really on my radar — we live in an inner-ring suburb that’s a short drive from downtown, and we’ve got parks of our own — but after a Facebook friend recommended a kids’ yoga class there last week, I thought, oh yeah. Big fancy deck park. I remember. Then some other friends visited a couple of weekends ago and gave it a ringing endorsement. After all that, I decided, we bettah check it out.

This thing is literally built on top of a highway. The flacks like to say it’s a green space created “out of thin air.” It’s pretty unnerving to look up from your ice cream sandwich and see cars zooming right at you. This is the edge of the park facing east.

There’s a kids’ area within the park that is amazing. Water features, astroturf, bouncy synthetic-stone sidewalks.

Sebastian hated it and never wants to go back.

Don’t forget even for a moment: We are in Dallas.

HISSSS!!! MUSEUM TOWER, IT BURNSSSSS! Also, note the food trucks. They were ah-mazing. However, food trucks are kind of fancy and expensive. I felt bad for the guy in front of me who was just trying to order a cheeseburger. “We don’t have any pickles,” the white-coated chef snootily informed him. “Only truffles.” Also, where was the coffee truck? I’m going to hang out down there with a thermos of Folgers and make a killing.

Cute off-leash dog park. Also, I didn’t get a picture of this, but there’s a covered library area where you can play board games and look at books — kids’ and grownups’ — and newspapers.

The leading edge of the park, facing west.

Verdict: We loved it. Look for us on Saturday mornings doing downward-facing dog as a family.


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