A boy by any other name

The Babycenter list of 2012’s top names came out today (a bit different from the official Social Security list, but still interesting).

I always told Steve I wanted our kids to have names that were unusual enough so that they wouldn’t have to go by their last initial in elementary school classes, something he and I (Steven & Jessica, Nos. 20 and 8, respectively, in 1976 ) both had to do, year after year. Jessica B., Jessica B., Jessica B. When I was a kid I used to “joke” that I wished my name were Ambrosia, because at least I wouldn’t have to be Ambrosia B.

But anyway, after all that talk, both our kids have names that are in the top 100. Which is fine — almost as annoying as getting branded with a last initial is having your name constantly mispronounced. My maiden name: Hard G? Soft G? Who cares? Just call her Jessica Burgers.

Henry’s name, especially, is zooming up the ranks.


I don’t care, though, because I LOVE HIS NAME I LOVE IT. (It’s sort of a family name, but it doesn’t hurt that it’s also the name of a History’s Greatest Hero. Don’t be surprised if we someday have a pet named after a state, hoping Henry takes his cue.)

Sebastian’s name we took from a Shakespearean character. I love the way it sounds. It’s a hard name to say, though. For a long time, he called himself “Sha-sheben,” which is pretty cute. But he has emerged triumphant; not only can he now say his name, he can spell the heck out of the whole unwieldy thing.

Here are the meanings of our names, which we didn’t even look at before bestowing them on our offspring:

Jessica — Wealthy

Steve — Kingly

Henry — Ruler

Sebastian — Majestic

Wow. We are a pretty intimidating household. Rich, powerful, majestic.



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2 responses to “A boy by any other name

  1. Heather

    Love this one. I remember feeling the same way…
    -the former Heather T.
    p.s. Heather Thornton is a SERIOUS mouthful for a little one. I was Hedder Fornton for a while, so I feel Sebastian’s pain.

  2. Look! Sebastian and Cooper are side-by-side! Cooper means barrel maker — definitely less majestic.

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