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Chihuly under the wire

Steve came home from work a bit early today and shooed me out the door to see the Dallas Arboretum’s Chihuly exhibit. We’d had tickets for Chihuly Nights last week, but couldn’t go because we were all sick. Today was the last day it was in town. Far be it from me not to push every deadline available.

And call me morbid, call me pale, but I was so happy the day was overcast, misty, and chilly. It was really, really lovely.

photo (87)

Turquoise glass rocks in a creek.

photo (86)

This was big. There’s a couple of people in the background for reference. Although they’re kind of far away, which may skew the perspective. I used trick photography, just like Peter Jackson in The Lord of the Rings.

photo (84)

I wanted to grab one of these and be an ice warrior!

photo (83)

I really like the color pallete here. Maybe I should redo our living room in lavender and green. What’s that, Steve? OK, OK, you don’t have to swear.

photo (82)

I don’t edit these blog photos — they’re just quick iPhone snaps — but I’m bothered that the center of this sculpture is so very dark. Maybe that’s the point.

photo (81)

All of the sculptures were lovely, but these, these were lump-in-throat awesome.

photo (80)

My second-favorite. They look like ghost plants.

photo (79)

Whirly swirly twirly.

Lots of giant glass swizzle sticks were poked into the ground all throughout.

I sipped a cup of Mexican hot chocolate before returning home to my fellows.

I sipped a cup of Mexican hot chocolate before returning home to my fellows.


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