Room for activities

He art-directed this shoot himself.

He art-directed this shoot himself.

I am wondering how many activities my friends have their kids in. Before having children (a time when we are all so wise), I was adamant about strictly limiting extracurriculars. But the reality of Sebastian is that he needs to be kept very, very busy or we all pay in blood.

But how busy? Gymnastics and hip-hop make him ecstatically happy and the good kind of tired. Soccer seemed to make him confused and exhausted, so we only did that for one season, but maybe we can revisit it. He can take or leave karate, so we’re probably going to put it on hold at least for the summer, although I think it’s really good for him. (It’s also so tense to watch — Steve and I sit in the parent area and stare at the mat with big eyes, thinking, Please don’t start wrestling that 3-year-old, please don’t flop face-down on the floor, please don’t take off your belt and swing it around like a lasso.) He needs to learn to swim eventually, though I’m hopeful we can teach him the basics ourselves. And I’d really like him to take piano lessons, just because it’s so helpful if he wants to pursue any kind of music when he’s older.

I am the furthest thing from a Tiger Mom — more like a Tree Sloth Mom — but I want to do what’s right for him while still preserving a modicum of butt-sitting time for Mommy and Daddy.

Maybe Henry’s favorite activity will be sitting quietly at home and reading a book. Ha ha ha sob.


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