WHO: My name is Jessica. By day, I am a high school teacher stay-at-home mom. By night, I am a mommy/wife/graduate student/person who is asleep.  I am a happy and grateful high school journalism teacher, wife, and mom.

Old, flattering photo. (Credit Suzanne Keith.)

THE FIRST BOY: My beautiful older son is named Sebastian, and he is both the creator and producer of many screams and giggles. He is 3 years old and doesn’t talk much. He is 4 years old and talks a LOT, though he is still about a year and half behind. His speech delay is bad enough that he is going to the local school district’s preschool program for children with disabilities, or PPCD. We’re hoping by the time he’s 7 or 8, this stressful time of constant therapy and chasing diagnoses will all be an amusing memory. Sebastian likes counting to 20, the alphabet, Elmo, and pronouncing “frog” in a way that makes his dad and me do a double-take. Sebastian enjoys adding small numbers, spelling, karate, and Netflix streaming. Sebastian started Kindergarten this year, and he’s doing so well. His speech is all caught up except a few age-appropriate articulation issues, and it feels like nothing short of a miracle. He is so funny and weird and wonderful. He loves his iPad, his baby brother, and anything that involves bouncing/singing/dancing/jumping/thrashing.

Enjoying organic raw milk, Age 3.

Such a big boy.

October pier, Age 4.

THE HUSBAND: My husband, Steve, is the funniest person I know, and now that you have been introduced, he is the funniest person you know, too. He is also cute and wonderful in every way, etc. We got married on a beach in 2006 on the third anniversary of our first date. Even bad days are at least a tiny bit fun with Steve around. Steve likes watermelon and improvisational comedy. He is a cheap laugh, lucky for me.

"I love you, son."

Steve poses with his other family.

THE LITTLEST BOY: Henry was born May 2012 and he is very fat and happy. He enjoys jumping in the jumper and rolling from his back to his tummy. Likes: Being with Mommy, being next to Mommy, and when Mommy holds him. Dislikes: Not being with Mommy. He has seven teeth and the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen.

Jump, jump, jump.

I’m always happy!

PETS: We have two backyard chickens, Buffy and Pumpkin, who we recently acquired in the hopes of living more sustainably. Unfortunately, they have not laid any eggs yet. They do, however, provide us with lots of compostable material. We also have a really old outdoor cat whose story, which I shall tell someday, is complex yet touching. Her full name is Inigo Montoya, as she has six fingers on each paw, but her friends call her Monty.

We, uh, don’t have any pets.

I do have an Ecosphere, though, with a single living shrimp. Does that count?

Checking for snacks.

ME: I work full time, I have a kid with a developmental delay, and I am working on a master’s degree in journalism. Sometimes I get pretty anxious and crabby. I have no idea why I just spent $25 registering a blog I will probably never use. WELCOME!

I took an extended maternity leave from my job and will go back in August 2013. I have TWO kids now and I’m still working on that master’s degree. I enjoy Facebook, reading memoirs, watching reality TV with Steve, and spending my days with my kiddos.

I am back at work now, and very happy to be there. The kiddos have adjusted well to school, and my days have become both easier and more lucrative.


4 responses to “About

  1. meneerzjeroen

    Hi Jessica,

    I was very curious who’s using my pictures on the internet, and found one on this site.
    Thanks for the credits !!

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  3. Hi, it's me

    I feel like this is going to be a “duh” question, but do you read Amalah’s blog (http://www.amalah.com)? Seems like you would have a lot in common, not the least of which would the your future amusing memories of chasing diagnoses, etc. Her son, Noah, seems to be coming out on the other side of that now, and it’s so cool to watch …

    Also, she’s funny and she swears a lot.

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